TakeoverNW Time Attack Shootout

Oregon Raceway Park is known as one of the most technical and challenging tracks on the west coast which made it the perfect setting for TakeoverNW and the Time Attack Shootout. With soaring temperatures, off camber corners, and the desire to win, drivers pushed both their tires and themselves to the absolute limit.

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TakeoverNW 2018

This coming weekend in the middle of nowhere in Eastern Oregon, the Pacific North West’s premiere car culture event will take place. The only event where all worlds collide, Drifting, Time Attack, Stance, and Music will all have their place at TakeoverNW. Hosted at the picturesque Oregon Raceway Park, TakeoverNW will feature some of the Pacific North West’s top drivers and is set to be THE automotive event of the year.

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Shop Spotlight: Versionex Auto Body

We automotive enthusiasts love to tinker and modify our rides, but sometimes we don’t have the skills, time, or desire to do the modification ourselves, that’s where shops come in. Thankfully here in the Pacific North West we have some of the greatest shops around and Versionex Auto Body is one of the best. They are experts at not just repairing your car to working order, but in turning your ideas and dreams into reality.

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Yamaha Powered Fiat 600

Cruising through the local Cars & Coffee this past weekend I was checking out the GT3RS and Aventador that had pulled in, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a tan little car that had the hood up. It was parked off by itself with only a few people mingling near it. With the crowds flocking to the newly arrived super cars, I made my way over to take a peek at the interesting little car. When I got closer I spotted that not only was this little car an old Fiat 600, it was a very long way from stock.

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The Electric Future Is More Appealing Than You Think

Change is coming whether you like it or not. That is just the bare reality of it. Electric cars ARE the way of the future. Many hardline petrol heads refuse to accept anything other than the supremacy of the internal combustion engine, but the electric future will not be full of amorphous blobs of batteries and poorly designed metal, but rather a renaissance of design and class.

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Brews, Bacon, and a Bevy of Automotive Finery

When you hear the words “Country Club” you immediately think of golf, tennis, rolling green grass lawns, and stuffy upper class people socializing and discussing business over a glass of brandy and a cigar. The only automotive activities would take place when the valet would park the luxury vehicles of the club members. So where do you go if you are into cars, and want a place to be around like minded people, to discuss business and socialize over your shared interests?

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