Snow Tour 2018

What do you get when you combine supercars, a batmobile, a crew of filmers, vloggers, and Gumballers, and toss them into a Scandinavian winter? You get Snow Tour 2018 where traction control must be off and cars must be sideways!

For those familiar with the Gumball 3000 Motor Rally the name “Team Galag” will be familiar to you. For the uninitiated of you, Team Galag is a Motor Rally team from Saudi Arabia who are known for their over the top vehicles and antics. The most popular of which is their aptly named “Batmobile 2.0.”

A custom carbon fiber body on a Lamborghini Gallardo chassis give the Batmobile 2.0 both the striking looks and sound to strike fear in the hearts of Gotham’s criminal underbelly.

Team Galag, in collaboration with ex-professional skier / vlogger Jon Olsson, have begun hosting their own rally every year, except their rally has one very large difference from Gumball. Snow. Lots and lots of snow.

A Warsteiner livery E30 M3 on loan from The Caraba Collection and “George The Rolls” cutting their way through the Scandinavian blizzard.

#SnowTour consists of touring through Scandinavia and eventually finding an ice track where winter shenanigans ensue.


If you are not sideways, you are doing Snow Tour wrong.


Snow Tour: where splitters become snow plows.


Most people would keep their E30 M3 tucked away in a garage. Team Galag are not those kind of people.

What makes snow tour great is that it is passionate people enjoying and having fun with their cars and making great memories with friends along the way. Thankfully there are always enough photographers and filmers on hand to bring us all these epic shots. Even if that means every once in a while a camera takes a beating.

Once thawed out and dried off the camera still worked!

Snow Tour 2018 just ended so no chance to see Team Galag and friends in action in the snow anytime soon, but you can relive all of the action online.

Needless to say Snow Tour is the greatest automotive event on the face of the planet.


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Find more photos and #SnowTour Coverage on the Team Galag Instagram.

Also on Jon Olsson’s YouTube Channel.

All photos come courtesy of Team Galag.


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