Tesla Roadster: The New Fastest Car In The Universe

He did it. He freaking did it. Just when you thought that Elon Musk couldn’t become anymore like a comic book villain he goes and does this. Just because he can. Which is honestly the greatest reason to do anything. So now, the Tesla Roadster is the fastest car in…well…the universe.

At 4:00 pm EST on February 2nd, 2018, the Tesla Roadster broke the sound barrier and escaped into the celestial heavens bound to spend eternity racing laps around the largest racetrack one could ever imagine. All of this comes thanks to Elon Musk, SpaceX, and the Falcon Heavy Rocket.

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Launched From Cape Canaveral, Florida propelling Elon Musk’s Personal Tesla Roadster Into Space

While accelerating down the main straight of it’s new cosmic racetrack the Tesla Roadster hit an astounding speed of 7 miles per second, or around 24,600 mph. Suck on that Bugatti and Koenigsegg.

The Tesla Roadster Kicks All Other Supercars To The Curb

SpaceX’s 0-300-0 was a tad more impressive too. Try 0-24,600-0. Sure it took around 15 minutes but I’d say the coming to a stop was a tad more impressive.

The Falcon Heavy Boosters Perform A Synchronized Landing Back On Earth

So now an electric car, built by one of the most eccentric billionaires the world has ever seen outside of Hollywood, is now beginning the longest road trip ever undertaken. Carrying a message to any future hitchhikers it may pick up.

A Circuit Board Deep Inside the Space Roadster Bares This Message To The Universe.

Why spend all this money just to launch a car into space you might ask. Well first off because he can. Which is the greatest reason of all i’d have to say. Second, they needed some sort of ballast in the rocket and it was a Tesla or concrete so why not have some fun and create an awesome spectacle.

This all may answer a few questions as well. First off, can cars actually do burnouts in space like the movie Spaceballs?

Nothing Impresses People More Than A Properly Executed Handbrake Turn

Secondly, how will a car built on earth hold up in the harshness of space? The paint looked great before the launch, but how will the constant bombardment of radiation in space treat it? Time will tell.

And people say electric cars are slow and boring.



Watch the launch here:

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