There Is A New King Of Tsukuba

Step aside Under Suzuki there is a new sheriff in town. HKS Co LTD announced early Thursday morning EST that their TRB-03 Toyota GT 86 has officially broken the Tsukuba Circuit TC2000 single lap record with a blistering 49.445 second lap with Nob Taniguchi behind the wheel.

This new lap record is exceedingly quick and for the first time a sub 50 second lap time.

Previous single lap record holder Under Suzuki has long been the king of the TC2000 consistently improving his S15 Silvia and his own driving. Before this news from HKS Under Suzuki held the record with a blazing fast 50.750 which you can watch below.

Now HKS and Taniguchi’s record is seriously impressive, but there is one caveat to it. It was set on a slick compound tire, and critically NOT on an S-class tire like Under Suzuki. On his personal blog Taniguchi admitted that Suzuki’s S15 is better suited for the ADVAN A050 compound (most popular tire for Time Attack in Japan) and that HKS will continue to develop the TRB-03 to try and take down the record on an S-class tire. Regardless though, the TRB-03 with Taniguchi behind the wheel is FAST. 2018 is shaping up to be one heck of a great year for Japanese Time Attack.


Photo Credit: Narita Dogfight


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