From The Ashes A Phoenix Rises

Jon Olsson is back at it again! The story of his first Audi RS6 is one of legend. Built to be the greatest Gumball car of all time the original RS6 DTM broke the internet in its debut and the story of its fiery demise shook the automotive world to its core. The story is not yet over however, as Jon Olsson has just debuted his new RS6 dubbed The Phoenix.

The original Audi RS6 DTM that Jon Olsson built was a 1,000hp monster that could destroy the racetrack as well as it could destroy the mountain roads up to a ski chalet. It spent some time breaking the internet before it was sold so that Jon could move on to the next project. In its post Olsson life though it was stolen in an armed robbery and subsequently burned to the ground. A viking burial for one of the greatest modified Audi’s to grace this planet of ours.

Jon Olsson’s original Audi RS6 Avant DTM

Fast forward three years and we now find the aptly named Phoenix RS6 rising from the ashes of its ancestor to break the internet and steal the hearts of petrol heads everywhere once again.

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For more about the Phoenix RS6 check out Jon Olsson’s vlog!


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