5 Things We Learned From The Australian Grand Prix

The Australian Grand Prix was the electric start to the brand new 2018 Formula 1 season that we were all hoping for. Rivalries are set to be continued, a dark horse has emerged, and certain engines continue to struggle. Here are the top 5 things that we learned from the Australian Grand Prix.

1. The Drive For 5 Is On!

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have once again showed that the race to the drivers championship will be an exciting one! The pair of 4 time world champions got their elbows out during the race and fought hard, with Sebastian Vettel coming out victorious. It’s certainly early in the season to say that a lead in the drivers standings really matters, but hey, a lead is a lead. The title fight in 2018 will certainly be one to watch.

2. Haas Is A Dark Horse

The Australian Grand Prix was an emotional roller coaster for the American outfit. A phenomenal start from Kevin Magnussen and fantastic driving from Roman Grosjean in the early part of the race showed that Haas in 2018 is fast. The worst luck in the world however saw both Haas drivers retiring in the span of 3 minutes due to wheel gun malfunctions in the pit stops. Certainly the Australian Grand Prix is one that Haas wants to forget, but the implications of their early pace is extremely promising.

3. Fernando Alonso Finished The Race

Not exactly earth shattering news but we love to see the vocal Spaniard back in a competitive car! It seems then that the switch away from the boat anchors from Honda has served McLaren well. If the pace continues, look to see McLaren giving Red Bull a run for their money this season.

4. Unreliability Is Still Rampant

The Australian Grand Prix saw a slew of reliability problems to go along with the phenomenal racing. Pierre Gasly’s Honda engine did what Honda Formula 1 engines have become famous for and failed. This was a shocking happenstance however as the Honda engines showed tremendous reliability during winter testing. The Williams of Sergey Sirotkin also retired with an apparent brake failure.

Pierre Gasly’s Honda engine blowing up during the Australian Grand Prix

 5. The Halo Is Still Ugly

Yep. Doesn’t matter how you dress it or how often you tell yourself that you’ve gotten used to it, it still looks about as attractive as a goiter. At least some teams have made good use of it for aerodynamic and design purposes. McLaren has made especially good use of the Halo and has snapped up a new sponsor in the form of the flip-flop company Gandys.

Needless to say, the 2018 Formula 1 season is going to be one for the history books!



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