Brews, Bacon, and a Bevy of Automotive Finery

When you hear the words “Country Club” you immediately think of golf, tennis, rolling green grass lawns, and stuffy upper class people socializing and discussing business over a glass of brandy and a cigar. The only automotive activities would take place when the valet would park the luxury vehicles of the club members. So where do you go if you are into cars, and want a place to be around like minded people, to discuss business and socialize over your shared interests?

Your local cars and coffee can be a great place to start as it’s always full of passionate and knowledgeable people who are more than willing to take time out of their day to chat and discuss everything automotive. I will always recommend going out the racetrack as well. But where do you go if you are wanting a bite to eat and perhaps a drink where you can still be in that automotive environment? Derby at The Shop in Seattle, Washington. That’s where.

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Located in the SoDo industrial district of Seattle, Washington The Shop markets itself as the country club for gearheads, and no country club is complete without a mouthwatering restaurant. That’s where Derby comes in. Offering classic comfort foods with the best meats, seafood, and produces Washington has to offer. Wines are predominantly sourced from the northwest and the bar leans toward bourbon and scotch. An intimate seating area caters a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. Derby is also well known for their bacon. I can certainly say that bacon from any other restaurant pales in comparison. From this day on, whenever anyone asks me “Where did you eat the best bacon that you have ever eaten?” my answer will be Derby at The Shop in Seattle.

So what exactly is “The Shop” you might ask. Well the shop is the rest of the country club. It boasts a host of amenities for its members including:

  • 36,500 square feet of pristine, climate-controlled storage for cars and motorcycles with 24/7 security
  • Valet parking with unlimited in-and-out privileges
  • In-house washing bays and detailing services
  • Door-to-door pick up and drop off via covered transport
  • On-site as well as off-site experts available to offer advice, improve your skills, or do the work for you
  • Use of state-of-the-art tools and equipment
  • Members-only special events, classes, and seminars
  • Private game room and entertainment lounge
  • Conference room and shared work spaces to keep you connected
  • An on site barber stand

Yes, you read that right. A barber stand. It really does have it all.

When you make your way out of Derby and into The Shop with your stomach full of bacon you are greeted by a dizzying array of some of the finest offerings from the automotive world. Including a few notable offerings. If you live in Seattle you know who Macklemore is and chances are you’ve watched his music video to the song “Downtown.” If you have you might just recognize the Moose Head Motorcycle that adorns the top of the office in The Shop. Another music video star of his also graces the display. You might recognize his Cadillac Limousine from the music video for “White Walls.”

The automotive fun doesn’t stop there though. Making its presence known right in front was a Local Motors Rally Fighter. Juxtapositioned  next to it was an REO Speedwagon. Certainly a rare pair of vehicles and just a small taste of the collection at The Shop.

Lining the walls is a series of lifts that are chock full of rare and high performance cars. Interesting pieces are everywhere the eye falls. From a Back To The Future Toyota truck, to Frank Ocean’s Orange E30 M3, automotive finery is everywhere you look.

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Every vehicle in inventory belongs to a member. Vehicles are accessible any time for the owners and with reasonably affordable member and storage prices, it makes a great choice for gearheads who are looking to store and maintain their vehicles in the metropolis of Seattle.

So the next time you’re in Seattle, be sure to make time to stop by and check it out.

The Shop – Website

The Shop – Instagram

Derby – Website

Derby – Instagram





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