Yamaha Powered Fiat 600

Cruising through the local Cars & Coffee this past weekend I was checking out the GT3RS and Aventador that had pulled in, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a tan little car that had the hood up. It was parked off by itself with only a few people mingling near it. With the crowds flocking to the newly arrived super cars, I made my way over to take a peek at the interesting little car. When I got closer I spotted that not only was this little car an old Fiat 600, it was a very long way from stock.

The first thing I noticed as I approached it was that under the hood was a custom inboard suspension set up that helped this little Fiat achieve its very aggressive stance.

Moving to the rear of the car I found that this little Fiat was far from normal. At the back there was a Yamaha motorcycle engine providing plenty of high revving grunt. I was unable to find the owner to ask just what engine it is, but I doubt they’d waste their time putting in a low horsepower engine.

Looking at the interior of the car the name of the game seems to be simplicity. A pair of racing buckets, simple door panels, and a roll cage speak volumes to the purpose of this little hot rod. A few dials and switches litter the bare bones dashboard but there are certainly no creature comforts found inside. One thing to note is that in the process of the engine swap the owner was able to retain the sequential shifter. Certainly would make this Fiat even more of a riot to drive. Hope you aren’t wanting a reverse gear though…

Add all of this up and what you have is an epic little track toy. If having a smile on your face while you drive is what you like, then look no further.


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