5 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

To say that the automotive photography world is an over-saturated one would be a gross understatement. Just take a look the next time you’re out at a cars and coffee and see just how many people there are with cameras taking pictures. To stand out from the crowd then takes something truly special. Here are 5 photographers who have mastered the art of creating truly special works.

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Nothing Commands Attention Quite Like A Bugatti

A common complaint about car design these days is that many have become bloated swollen iterations of their older versions and that they have lost much of what made their predecessors successful. Most of this size increase is due to the increases in safety regulations and chassis design, but there is one manufacturer who seems to be going in the opposite direction. I’m talking of course about Bugatti.

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Greatest Automotive Related Commercials Of All Time

In today’s day and age we are truly inundated with advertisements. They are everywhere you look and from ad blockers to our own ability to just tune them out, most ads are completely forgettable. There are a few however, that have captured our attention. They pull us away from our phones and cause us to stop a moment and connect and feel with what we’re seeing. Here are a few of the greatest automotive related advertisements of all time.

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The Electric Future Is More Appealing Than You Think

Change is coming whether you like it or not. That is just the bare reality of it. Electric cars ARE the way of the future. Many hardline petrol heads refuse to accept anything other than the supremacy of the internal combustion engine, but the electric future will not be full of amorphous blobs of batteries and poorly designed metal, but rather a renaissance of design and class.

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Racing In Slow Motion

Motorsport is so much more than just racing. It’s the passion and dedication that goes into it. It’s the desire to be the greatest and the willingness to sacrifice everything to get there. The raw emotion of defeat. The elation of victory. The storied past and the hope of the future yet to come. Nothing has ever captured this much like the video series Racing In Slow Motion.

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